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Mindfulness in Daily Life Looks Like…

Updated: Sep 7, 2021


Your favorite scents around you candles, incense, perfume, smudge, utilize scents you have a familiar or positive association with or that you really enjoy.


Ground yourself by touching your favorite things your feet on grass, cuddling with your favorite blanket or sweater or touching trees or flowers when out on a walk.


Take time to have visually pleasing things in your line of sight. Get some fresh flowers, a plant you think is pretty, or some art that you enjoy.


Keep some of your favorite items to eat/ drink snack on around around to use mindfully. Teas, natural juices or other items that are good for you have that added benefit of encouraging health/wellness by being good for you.


What are your favorite sounds? Is there anything that makes you laugh or good songs/ artists that you have positive association with? Make a playlist of your favorite tracks. Is there a podcast you find interesting? Or that is endlessly entertaining?



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