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We all experience hardships and difficulties. Therapy offers you an unbiased, safe space to talk out any and all issues you may be experiencing.

We also offer therapy in Spanish! ¡Ofrecemos terapia en español!

We are currently able to accept self pay clients as well as those with the following insurance:

  • Providence Plan partners Medicare

  • GHI/ Emblem Health Network/ New York State Empire plan

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Providence Plan Partners Commercial

  • Emblem Health Non HMO

  • Beacon Health options

  • Beacon Health Options EAP

  • UniCare State Indemnity plan

  • BCBS

  • Always Health

  • Harvard Pilgrim

  • United Healthcare

  • UMR

  • Health New England

Romantic Relationships

Are you unhappy in your relationship?  If you're having difficulty navigating your romantic relationships, we can offer insight into behavior patterns and  increase understanding and quality of life.


Overthinking, overanalyzing, often jumping to worst case scenarios? We can offer support navigating patterns of overthinking, catastrophizing, panic attacks, and recognizing and managing cognitive distortions that frequently occur.

Trauma Recovery

Are you recovering from a difficult relationship romantic or familial?  Or any other traumatic event? Let RHW clinicians offer support in learning to recognize and move forward from traumatic events of the past.


Sad, gloomy, loss of motivation, easily frustrated or irritable? We can offer assistance in understanding and navigating feelings of hopelessness, lack of energy or motivation, irritability and low frustration tolerance.

Family Difficulties

Family stressing you out? We can offer assistance in navigating strenuous family relationships with siblings, parents or partners/ spouses. As well as recovering from toxic family relationships.

Intergenerational Trauma

Are you experiencing stress from unhealthy or toxic family relationships? In healing from familial patterns of  behavior, abuse, unhealthy coping skills communication or rigid expectations amongst or within family.

Community Trauma

Do you feel the need to wear tough skin?  Have you been exposed to or impacted by community violence,  systemic injustices, or other communal trauma?  Recovery from issues witnessed or experienced within or due to being a part of any cultural, geographic, religious, or other community.


Do you feel restless, unable to focus or concentrate?  We can provide testing, tools and strategies for managing inattentiveness, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, focusing or maintaining concentration.

Mood Disorders

Frequent mood changes, irritability? We can provide diagnostic clarification, psychoeducation and support in managing your symptoms.

Teens & Young Adults

Difficulty adjusting to going back to school? Conflict with parents or peers? We have clinicians that have a lot of experience supporting teens and young adults in schools, crisis, residential and hospital settings. We can support youth in accomplishing their goals to show up as their favorite selves.

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